Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will The Beacon be completely remodeled?

Beacon Resource Center is currently debt free and will continue to move forward with renovations as cash becomes available. While we are excited to see the building totally remodeled, we know that transformation is sometimes as much about the process as the finished product.

23,000 square feet of the building is currently renovated, leaving 27,000 square feet unfinished.

Q: How do you decide who gets to use this space?

Facility Requests are reviewed and approved by the Beacon Advisory Team.

Q: How much does it cost to rent space at The Beacon?

The cost to rent space will vary depending on the type of renter (non-profit, for profit, or individual) and the length and type of the event, and in some cases may be waived. We are not seeking to profit from rentals, but simply to cover utility and staff costs.

Q: How can I request use of space at The Beacon?

Fill out and submit a Facility Request form, located here.

Q: What is the relationship between The Beacon and Riverside Church?

Though The Beacon was purchased and founded by Riverside Church, it is now a separate legal entity (and has its own 501(c)3 status). Riverside will be an anchor tenant—meaning they will pay a significant amount of operating expenses in order to rent space on Sundays. While Riverside will always play an active role as a founding partner and anchor tenant, The Beacon is forming many partnerships with outside organizations who will all have a place at the table.

Q: How is The Beacon funded?

The Beacon has received financial support from many individuals, 1st Source Bank, Kaurich Chiropractic and Wellness Center, North Point Pediatric Dentistry, River Valley Church, Riverside Church, Schurz Communications Foundation, and the Stanley A & Flora P Clark Memorial Foundation.

Q: Can I donate to The Beacon?

Yes! You can give a secure, online donation by clicking here.

Q: Can I volunteer at The Beacon?

We would not exist without the many individuals who have given of their time to make The Beacon a reality, and we will continue to rely heavily on volunteers.  At this point, most of our volunteer needs are one-time work days. To get involved in a future work day, contact us here.

Q: This is a unique approach to a community center. But is it sustainable?

The Beacon is committed to keeping operating costs low. Riverside Church has committed to be an anchor tenant of The Beacon at a rate that will cover approximately 80% of the buildings operating expenses once Phase 2 is complete. This commitment, in combination with a debt-free philosophy, a community-driven volunteer culture, and low expenses, will allow The Beacon to sustain operations when Phases 2 and 3 are complete.